Northern Dawn Nigerians

Northern Dawn Nigerians

Raising and breeding for breed improvement and milk testing the Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Nubian dairy goat.

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Our chosen breeds are Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Nubian.
We milk our does 365 days per year, twice a day. Our herd is on Dairy Herd Improvement milk testing. We have Top Ten milkers, Advanced Registry and *D milk does.
Our philosophy is to raise quality dairy goats with strong well proportioned conformation. Our does are easy to kid out, as well. On the dairy end, we strive for easy to milk teats, strong udder attachments, good udder attachments, as well as high production and butterfat.
One of our focuses is in Improving our herd and the breeds through careful selective breeding, milk testing and keeping some of our offspring to test out what our adults are producing.

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